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Backup, Backup, Backup...... and Backup Offsite!

moose jaw backup server back up dataReactive Host works with Reactive Designs to provide all the website hosting servers to clients in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and to clients in Britsh Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, Manitoba, Quebec and Prince Edward Island.  Reactive Host has dedicated Canadian web servers which are tuned to support the WordPress and Joomla content management systems.  

Reactive Host has an offsite backup server which is synced with the web server.  Why do we use a backup server?  This server is responsible for backing up and restoring files, folders, emails, and databases to prevent data loss in the event of a major server failure, user error, disaster or accident.  We can restore a single file or an entire account.  Accidentally delete an important file - we can restore it for you.  We have just increased our backup server hard drive space by 500 Gig. 

Does your Business or Non-Profit organization have a Disaster Recovery Plan?  If you don't, you should.  What happens if your business experiences a disaster, such as a fire.  If you lose everything at your business what will you do?  Contact Jeff Boulton to discuss online offsite backup services and a Disaster Recovery Plan.  Reactive Online Backups which is part of Reactive Designs can partner with your business to provide you a disaster recovery plan to protect your data.  

reactive online business backups moose jaw

We backup laptops, workstations, Windows Computers, Apple Computers, POS systems, Drop Box, Google Drive, and in-house servers.  The important work and files for your business are stored in a secure environment - client data, financial data, business information and personal information such as photos.  This data is encrypted, transferred encrypted and stored encrypted  - very secure!

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Contact us anytime to discuss web hosting options. We can customize a hosting package which works for you.


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  28 Dawn Road, Moose Jaw, SK  S6K1C1

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