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Backup Service

Reactive Host has Continuous Data Protection [CDP] - asynchronous Linux server replication for a bare-metal restore.  This means that your website files, database information and emails, SSL certificates and server settings are continually being synced with an offsite backup.  Disaster planning is what we do and we can sleep at night knowing that if something happened we would be able to get the server hardware replaced within 4 hours and have the complete system restored within 2 hours after hardware replacement. Offsite backups are within Canada so your data is protected - no worrying about your data residing outside of Canada. 

Your hosting plan includes cPanel which provides you the ability to take full backups when ever you want.  You can also schedule your backups and download full copies to your local workstation. 

Contact Reactive Host

Contact us anytime to discuss web hosting options. We can customize a hosting package which works for you.


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